1. What a great idea and great haiku (is that both singular and plural?).
    Coincidentally, I have a new reader and avid commenter who has been writing haiku in the comments at my blog.

  2. That’s a long week, Dave, but actually I think your idea is such a good one it ought to go four months…

  3. marja-leena – Really? Yeah, now and then someone leaves a poem here, and it’s always a very fine thing. That’s what gave me the idea.

    Tall Girl – Oops! Wonder why I put “February 3rd,” and missed it in multiple re-readings? I’m thinking I must associate the two months, which used to be the ends of their respective seasons here when I was a kid.

  4. Shhhh.
    The Buddha might wake up from all that lip-whispering…

    Loved the comment when you left it, and am loving the Whole Idea still.

  5. Thanks for the comment haiku! I think it’s more interesting than my post.

    By the way, Lord Kitchener did indeed knit socks for The War Effort.

  6. He did, eh? How interesting! Of course, my brilliant irony still stands. :)

  7. Bill

    Fall rains bring fresh glass
    to grass flesh.
    In the creek a slurry of opal.

  8. Thanks, CGP. Feel free to steal it.

    Wow, Bill – that’s quite a tongue-twister! Imagination-twister, too. Thanks.

  9. Whitman had it right:
    the human is universe
    and all ass is grass

  10. Poet photographer
    Blogger of life under rocks
    Haiku comments? Yes!

  11. I liked your comment about needing to slow down and absorb what you read. I am as guilty as anyone else of doing the blog roll thing. I appreciate haiku and enjoyed reading yours.

  12. marlyat2 – If I do this again, it’ll probably be limericks.

    Shai – I was wondering if anyone would connect Haiku Comment Week with Stone-Flipping Day…

    Princess Haiku – Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad this resonated with you.

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