1. Glad you liked! Marja-Leena, I have a close-up of the sporangia-bearing pinnae on that same clump of ferns here.

  2. sarah b

    Especially love the tent caterpillar confetti.
    I can’t believe you are getting lady slippers so early. Actually, given your deer population, I can’t believe you are getting lady slippers at all. Is this in your “exclosure?”

  3. Actually, they’re right on time. We’ve always had a lot of them, even when our deer numbers were at their height, but they’ve really proliferated as the herd has dwindled. One finds a few nipped blossoms, but I don’t think they’re very tasty.

  4. Nature can look so strange and pretty.

    I like the new look of your blog very much!

  5. Thanks. I keep making minor tweaks to the site, but I don’t anticipate any major changes for a while.

  6. The Ladies Slipper is Prince Edward Island’s provincial flower. You’ve captured this one well.

  7. I love this post… the poetry compliments the photos well.

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