Poem: 'I am erratum: the dropped apostrophe, upside-down plane, cow skull in the desert, brown tree snake on guam, and I earn a special place in your honor roll of regrets.'

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  1. Dave, I’m so enjoying your Postcards from a Conquistador series. I think they should be published in an enormous, glossy coffee table volume – or something.


  2. Thanks, Michelle! You don’t think I should just publish them as sets of postcards, then? I’d like to find someone online who will publish sets of attached postcards, folded accordion-style, with display covers, such as one can find at major tourist destinations. That would be cool.


  3. A postcard accordion sounds like an excellent idea. Heck, even a postcard “book” like the ones that you tear out and mail could work too. I have a few of them that I’ve bought for my enjoyment rather than to mail. But, think of how cool it would be tear out and mail one of these a week to a good friend.


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