1. Not sure why I find these brewing posts so satisfying, being neither brewer, herbalist, nor (alas!) beer drinker, but I do.

    1. Cool! It’s good to know I’m not boring the regular readership. The question then is whether other brewers will see these posts.

  2. Awesome geek out! Does this mean that you can gather roots from your stand and market them for international retail to brewers worldwide? That would funkadelic. It costs £4.00 for an ounce of root chips “to keep in your wallet to protect your money” on the only website I could find stocking it in the UK.

    1. I’m not going to start commercially exploiting our sassafras, but I will be glad to send you all the roots you want.

      I hadn’t heard that sassafras’ preservative action extends to money. Interesting.

  3. Lovely post. I remember being shown sassafras to scratch and sniff – indeed on a dry hilltop in Pennsylvania, when visiting family there years ago, along with ‘wintergreen’. I never knew it had anything to do with root beer.

  4. henry

    hi, i wanted to try the ottawa root beer recipe. perhaps with malt to alcohol stage. do you know how much water might be used or would i use a hydrometer? have you tried this recipe?

    1. Hi. I’m sorry, my experience making non-alcoholic root beer is very limited (one batch), so I’m afraid I’m not the best one to give advice on that.

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