Asterisk (videopoem)

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This may be too literal and/or droll a video for the poem, but I couldn’t resist. Rachel encouraged me to make a shot list this time, so I did. It looked like this:

  1. Location: yard / Shot description: asters / Framing: whatever looks good / Action: whatever happens / Actors: whatever flies past

I used the Extract effect in Adobe Premiere to make it look vaguely like an animation.

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  1. I like this a lot. The first line has grown on me since you first posted the poem. I don’t think the video image’s association with the poem is too obvious at all. It’s direct, pleasantly deceptively direct, as the poem itself.

    Really, this is one of my all-time favorites, and the video does it justice.


  2. What an excellent shot list. The exercise in forward planning obviously changed entirely your usual modus operandi. Lovely envideoing too.


    1. Thanks. Yes, it was a revelation to me, too. No more random, haphazard shooting from now on! A glorious future of goal-setting and logical analysis awaits.


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