1. Yeah! (Though I suppose some would say if I spent a little more time around kids, I’d build up more immunities and holidays wouldn’t present such a crisis.)

  1. “Bedfellows” works on fine levels. Nice pairing of pics here — the colors, the shadows, the shapes & objects.

    Reading this after a student presented me with Frost’s “Fire and Ice” today as her recital choice. Fevers and colds only feel like the end of the world. (At least to me, and I have a sinus infection, far preferable to a virus.) May your virus continue to wither but in some other ditch.

    1. I was thinking about that Frost poem the other day, wondering how it would be read in volcanic Iceland. “You mean we get to choose?!”

  2. Ach… you too? Sorry. January always seems to open the door to some virus or another. I’m feeling crappy today. Hacking cough.

    1. I’m actually feeling almost well today, knock wood. Hope you have a similarly speedy recovery, Luisa.

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