Haiku for the Big Sit

Direct link to video on Vimeo.

So as I mentioned, yesterday was the Big Sit. Though I didn’t count birds, not being a real birder, I did watch a bird for close to twenty minutes, and sitting was most of what she did. I actually don’t know whether she was male or female, but for some reason I thought of her as female. Since I didn’t have a tripod with me, most of the video I shot was kind of shakey, which is why I opted to make this into another one-minute videopoem and cut straight to the standing-up part. Otherwise, I think it would be neat to try and share what it’s really like to watch wildlife (as opposed to what tends to make it onto Animal Planet and the like). When the vulture yawned, I think she was expressing a deep truth about sitting in general.

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  1. Hi Hugh and Jason – Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you like it, especially since I wasn’t sure that my particular selection of images here was as effective as it could’ve been. I would’ve preferred a long scene of the vulture sitting, though as I said, that footage was kind of shakey, so I guess I did the best I could with what I had.

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