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From under the cracked
bark of a dead cherry,
a titmouse fishes out
a sunflower seed. Sing twice,
small herald of mercy—
once for the husk
that housed the kernel,
and one more time
for the milky heart that blesses
your tongue and gut.

Luisa A. Igloria

In response to today’s Morning Porch entry (via Blackberry, twelve minutes after my post!)

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  1. “Sing twice, small herald of mercy” is a bright use of poetic apostrophe. Luisa Igloria is establishing a record of writing “poetry on the run.” Her use of Dave Bonta’s Morning Porch Zen-like meditations is an excellent prototype of collaborative poetry. Her remarkable achievement here is the derivation of a poetic experience/theme/thought/feeling that her images concretize into the poem on the page. Her compositional speed is no less than phenomenal—it telescopes the gestated experience quickly and palpably. (12 minutes after Dave Bonta’s post!)

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