Woodrat Podcast 44: Reversible books

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The Woodrat Podcast returns from summer vacation with its first ever video episode (but don’t worry, this will remain mostly an audio show). I wanted to do a bit of a show-and-tell with some poetry books published as reversible, upside-down or tête-bêche books, including, most recently, Triplicity by Kristen McHenry and Paper Covers Rock by Chella Courington, forthcoming from Indigo Ink Press.

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Theme music: “Le grand sequoia,” by Innvivo (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence).

11 Replies to “Woodrat Podcast 44: Reversible books”

  1. I Have never really seen a reversible book, however it looks pretty confusing too.. i am sure when some reads it, it must be difficult for him to turn the page and the next page would look like a gibberish as it will have something upside down!

  2. I haven’t even finished watching this, but need to say that for a man who claims never to wear knitwear that’s one mighty multi-cabled sweatshirt you’re wearing. In fact A was so struck by it (“is that DAVE???”) he’s trying to skype you as we, er, speak.

      1. And of course subsequently it transpires that it wasn’t A who was struck by it, but me. Still, the skyping was definitely his idea. I think he kinda likes you.

        1. Or perhaps it’s the prospect of Skyping someplace as exotic as Central Pennsylvania (LOL) on his new toy… Whatever. It was, as always, entertaining to banter with you lot. Hope you get your router problems fixed soon!

    1. Thanks. Yes, if I ever do this sort of video again, I should try and persuade some local friend to stop by and help out with the camera work.
      There’s only so much one can do with a tripod.

  3. Thanks for the great video, Dave! I really appreciate your thoughtful commentary on the book, and taking the time to give us a shout-out. Chella Courington and Indigo Ink Press are fantastic to work with, and I’m really thrilled to be a part of this publication. Also, I was super-excited to see the sci-fi dual books! I love sci-fi and I didn’t know those existed. I will have to see where I can get my hands on some of those.

    1. Hey, glad you liked this! It does seem like a really fun project to be involved with.

      Try searching for some of the Ace Doubles authors on Bookfinder.com — that oughta turn up a few. (Obviously I meant to say “science fiction and fantasy.” Conan was clearly not sci-fi.)

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