To my Lord’s and thence to the Treasurer’s of the Navy, with Mr. Creed and Pierce the Purser to Rawlinson’s, whither my uncle Wight came, and I spent 12s. upon them. So to Mr. Crew’s, where I blotted a new carpet that was hired, but got it out again with fair water.
By water with my Lord in a boat to Westminster, and to the Admiralty, now in a new place.
After business done there to the Rhenish wine-house with Mr. Blackburne, Creed, and Wivell.
So to my Lord’s lodging and to my father’s, and to bed.

A sure creed: I am blotted
with fair water, water
(now a new wine).

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Wednesday 13 June 1660.

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