Attendants hold out trash bags in their hands
and announce that all magazines and earphones

must be returned along with the peanuts
and coffee. Did you think you could take

any of this with you for free? Remember
the lawyer friend of the famous one?

She wrote to say she is So sorry, but
it is apparent you can’t get on with your life

for your misplaced anger. Life is full
of disproportionate injustice. For instance,

the cost of just one ounce of black winter truffle
is $60, while sixty-four ounces of incandescent

grey caviar goes for $17,000. I read about a food
dehydrator that’s been invented, which can make

everything from grains to fruit to insects taste
like chips. A man shot and killed an 820 pound

feral hog. The carcass dangled all through
the humid night from a tree, like some kind

of warning. Isn’t that what every trophy means,
stuffed, stripped, its dark nailed to the wall?


In response to Via Negativa: Whole hog.

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