Here’s how you graph this selection: select B and C from the column and insert a scatter plot.

Someone re-telling a story of nearly falling more than thirty feet from a rocky mountain trail might experience his breathing grow more rapid.

The child doing homework at the table wants to know how the Buddha crossed continents. Who gave him plane tickets, boat rides, lifts on buffalo-drawn carts?

Look for symbols to represent the distribution of everything felt across a discrete period of time. For instance, a metal platform across a gorge; something mashed drenched in gravy.

The pilgrim stopped to bathe in a stream, and according to the legend, all the fish either died or fell into a swoon.

After her purse was snatched in a crowded train station, she asked everyone on her contacts list to resend their information.

She couldn’t tell where the thief had run— she turned and turned but of course the lights on the art deco ceiling were announcing a different signal.

Outside, the clear sharp smell of water turning into ice. The moon’s face as if dusted with pollen, large clock face devoid of insistent hands.


In response to Via Negativa: Serv/ice.

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