what we learn from movies about surviving a nuclear blast

8:09 01 13 18 Ballistic Missile Threat inbound to Hawaii.
Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.

“Can a human survive a nuclear blast by getting into a refrigerator?” ~ Quora

early in the film a bright orange cloud gushes
upward on the dust-colored horizon of the little
town with fake storefronts & fake people such
a charming test site they have everything

down to the last detail naugahyde couch &
antimacassar chintz curtains the father mother
& children facing the television watching not
watching the news they really can’t have

any idea what’s coming except for the hero
who’s stumbled onto the set there’s no voice
coming over the intercom saying seek immediate
shelter this is not a drill please remain calm

& follow instructions the hero makes a beeline
for the refrigerator tossing out the shelves &
bins the carton of milk the eggs & onions it’s
1957 it’s a new model with sea-foam green

interiors fully lined with lead he climbs in
just in the nick of time the expanding saturn
rings from the blast torch everything that can’t
duck & cover or clamber into a fallout shelter

its sign three inverted yellow triangles deadly
trefoil mushrooming within a circle of black
just a few weeks ago i noticed for the first
time a sign like that half-faded on the brick

wall of a local high school & in that movie
the hero survives but in others the people turn
sort of incandescent you can see their entire
skeleton all 206 bones lit up a fiery x-ray

meaning the flesh has melted is melting or is
gone what do you think they did in hawaii that day
for 38 minutes crouched in the cellar or bathroom
covering their children’s bodies with their own

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