Thief of Moons

~ after "Ladrona de Lunas," Armando Valero

Half-moon blade, mezzaluna, edge
      I rock back and forth across  
the face of a wooden board: my best
      instrument, how I tune you according to
the tides. How my breasts float like two
      new planets above your central hollow,
veiled in the colors of sunrise. I am
      sharper than rock, more subtle
than steel. The sky and its collection
      of dead stars lies quiet around my
shoulders. I've lain my spine across
      your length: a birthing chair,
intimate with my blood and fluids.
      Every child I've brought into this
world comes through the two points
      of your smile. And at night,
I rest my chin in your dead center,
      both hands ready to pluck
what light I can before it steals away. 

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