Portrait in Stained Glass of the Body Moving through a Field

- after "Mare Tenebrarum" (2016), Judith Schaechter

Shadows slash across an ambient field: a planetarium
of wildflowers, their interwoven tongues harboring

prophecies preceding your birth— their murmuring
a wind or wave, a plow making a path for the body's

passage, lashed to the back of a mare galloping
toward the woods in the distance. Or the cliff's

edge, or the sea. When you close your eyes, you
can feel time sift its fine powder on your lashes.

Touch one hand to your throat and feel the pulse
slinging toward rapture. With your other hand, make

a gesture that means I welcome all dreams; just keep
the terrors at bay. Every fragment you graze offers

a different fragility in form: millefiori shaken
out of paperweights, translucent twigs, insects

with tearable husks for wings. Thus stirred,
the darkest sea ripples with hidden light.

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