Poem With or Without Time

In the fishing village of Sommaroy 
where the sun doesn't rise from
November to January and the sun
doesn't set for 69 days from May
to July, people have wrapped
their wristwatches along bridge
railings in order to feel more
unburdened by darkness.
Whereas in Paris, to signify
Forever, couples used to fasten
padlocks to the Pont des Arts
before throwing the key into
the waters of the Seine below.
At the height of a thunderstorm
or during hurricanes, the power
will flicker then go off for hours.
When it comes back, each digital
clock throughout the house flashes
a different time: some randomly reset
to 12:00, others remember when
the power went off. A few seem
to forget what time zone they're in,
and reset to an hour or three
behind. I just read a novel in which
the husband spent 7 years in prison;
when he came out, his wife had moved
on with her life. Would you blame her
for doing so? Would you blame him
for expecting the world as he knew it
not to change? Seals, penguins,
turtles, and whales have been known
to go back to where they were born
in order to breed or die. There's
something in the air that notifies
them when it's time. Their bodies
instinctively rewind, as if
the present ceased to exist,
as if the future is once again
the illusion it always was.

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