Day 39

At many grocery stores, the checkout girls now   
sit behind a shield of clear acrylic. In Aisle 13B, 
there is non-brand toilet paper, but you 
are limited to one 10-roll pack only. Every few 
rows there's a stand with a large bottle 
of hand sanitizer, but it's heartbreaking to see 
they still keep lobsters in tanks, their large 
crusher claws bound close to their heads 
with broad rubber bands, their walking legs 
weakly paddling water. Who of us will be spared, 
will pare away the extra letters to get to 
the spar, which the dictionary describes as
the main longitudinal beam of an airplane wing? 
Sticks of celery are green as grasshopper 
bodies. Every now and then a person jumps 
when someone is about to come too close. 
In their baskets, loaves of bread are breathing. 

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