What is a pile of things but an accumulation. 
What is stock but merchandise or goods
meant for widespread distribution. And
the value, actual or imagined, from moving
the pile of things onto a chain of profit-
from-demand. What is a pile of random
objects rotting in a shed, and does it
compare to a pile of ventilators
counted and willfully held in bales,
on pallets. What kind of stock do you
put on hot items. Do you hoard them
and bide your time, wait till the clamor
rises as the collective sound of desperate
choking, as the rumble of trucks in
convoy, hauling away piles of body
bags. What is a pile of equipment,
hundreds of thousands of filters
and masks, stocked in a government
warehouse. What is a portent of rodents
doing, chewing at ropes and plastic
sheeting; or a cortege of dark birds
circling the cities, drawn by the fever-
stench of death after death after death.

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