My Mother is Not at Home

My mother is not at home, but 
in a care home where she gets
three hot meals a day and nurses
look after her needs. The home
she left before she was admitted
to the care home was a split-
level built on the side of a hill.
This was not the home of my child-
hood, but a home she bought 
when the upkeep of the former
became too much for her. When
she still lived in this house 
on the hill, others lived with her:
but they siphoned off her running
water and electricity. I'm told
that her marble coffee table and 
two end tables have gone missing, 
and her sewing machine. Now 
that she isn't there, lights 
are ablaze in every window.
So many people say this is 
a commonplace story. No one has
any solution and I don't know 
what to do. They want me to drop 
everything and just go. The nurses 
say sometimes she sits in the yard 
in her wheelchair and begins to sing.

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