Elegy as Birth Poem for Stars

Dearest one, there's no doubt you've made
up your mind to believe what your heart 

tells you to believe; and so you can't 
forget, or forgive. How could I even

mount a defense, then, when you've put up 
your barricades, fortified the walls 

and given instructions to let no one in
that resembles me, not even the me

from a more benign time in this life. 
At best, to you any pulse I give off 

is diffuse; perceived to come as if 
from a long way away. Amid the dust 

of the universe, it's thought 
that when stars annihilate 

themselves or dissipate in volatile
solar winds, they leave nothing 

behind—except new stars that form
in the debris of their collapsing. 

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