A Rapture

About the hawk and the bluejay 
             with the torn wing dangling from its beak;
                           about sugars in the blood, how 
too much may in the end prove lethal. 
             And about the mandible, the skull's 
                           only movable bone, faithful
to the one task it understands— 
             From this distance, we wouldn't have
                          heard the click and snap of the hinge; 
not even the final tremor that fluffed 
             the jay's neck feathers.  Aren't we built 
                           for all kinds of potential purpose, 
something that presents an occasion 
             to which  we might rise? Raptor, from rapere, 
                          meaning to seize or take by force. Also
the swoon before the moment of release or
              submission: a rapture. Which is not to say
                           there is no grief or grieving; nor 
that no other blue will ever flutter across the sky.


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