Negotiations Begin for a Global Treaty on Plastic Pollution

"...more than 2,000 experts will wrap up  a week
of negotiations on plastic pollution at one of the 
largest global gatherings ever to address what even 
industry leaders in plastics say is a crisis."
                                              -  02 December 2022, Associated Press

What have we taken into our mouths, what
have we fed each other? And from our 

shining hair, what molecules of gleaming
swirl away into the ocean at the end 

of the drain, never to dissolve?
What we wash the windows with

is hardly water, is hardly rain. 
If I buy you a fine halter 

would you give me a noose?
If I leave the potted lemon tree outside,

will it beg owl feathers from the moon?
Each streak, a little tragedy first

born in the bowels of the earth. 
From the torching of wood 

and the crystalline repellents of moths,
an atmosphere of polymer and phosphorus.

The sweater I wear comes from 
an indeterminate length of yarn 

extruded from five recycled bottles.  
What is a measure of softness when some

toothbrushes will not degrade for at least 
five hundred years?

In a dim basement chamber of a museum,
fish from the last century still float 

in vats of alcohol. Our appetite 
for catalogs is undiminished, our hearts

doubled over from the weight of debts 
we haven't finished paying. 

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