Rose betimes and abroad in one shirt, which brought me a great cold and pain. Murford took me to Harvey’s by my father’s to drink and told me of a business that I hope to get 5l. by.
To my Lord, and so to White Hall with him about the Clerk of the Privy Seal’s place, which he is to have.
Then to the Admiralty, where I wrote some letters. Here Coll. Thompson told me, as a great secret; that the Nazeby was on fire when the King was there, but that is not known; when God knows it is quite false. Got a piece of gold from Major Holmes for the horse of Dixwell’s I brought to town.
Dined at Mr. Crew’s, and after dinner with my Lord to Whitehall. Court attendance infinite tedious. Back with my Lord to my Lady Wright’s and staid till it had done raining, which it had not done a great while.
After that at night home to my father’s and to bed.

Abroad on a cold business, I have a secret fire: a piece of gold.
Infinite, tedious rain.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 16 June 1660.


All the morning at the Commissioners of the Navy about getting out my bill for 50l. for the last quarter, which I got done with a great deal of ease, which is not common.
After that with Mr. Turner to the Dolphin and drunk, and so by water to W. Symons, where D. Scobell with his wife, a pretty and rich woman. Mrs. Symons, a very fine woman, very merry after dinner with marrying of Luellin and D. Scobell’s kinswoman that was there. Then to my Lord who told me how the King has given him the place of the great Wardrobe.
My Lord resolves to have Sarah again. I to my father’s, and then to see my uncle and aunt Fenner. So home and to bed.

I commission the navy:
get a dolphin drunk
and marry her
in place of war.
Resolve again to see
home and bed.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Friday 15 June 1660.


Up to my Lord and from him to the Treasurer of the Navy for 500l.. After that to a tavern with Washington the Purser, very gallant, and ate and drank. To Mr. Crew’s and laid my money.
To my Lady Pickering with the plate that she did give my Lord the other day.
Then to Will’s and met William Symons and Doling and Luellin, and with them to the Bull– head, and then to a new alehouse in Brewer’s Yard, where Winter that had the fray with Stoakes, and from them to my father’s.

As a tavern with my money
or will and a bull,
winter had the oak.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Thursday 14 June 1660.


To my Lord’s and thence to the Treasurer’s of the Navy, with Mr. Creed and Pierce the Purser to Rawlinson’s, whither my uncle Wight came, and I spent 12s. upon them. So to Mr. Crew’s, where I blotted a new carpet that was hired, but got it out again with fair water.
By water with my Lord in a boat to Westminster, and to the Admiralty, now in a new place.
After business done there to the Rhenish wine-house with Mr. Blackburne, Creed, and Wivell.
So to my Lord’s lodging and to my father’s, and to bed.

A sure creed: I am blotted
with fair water, water
(now a new wine).

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Wednesday 13 June 1660.

How to Sell Your Soul

Visited by the two Pierces, Mr. Blackburne, Dr. Clerk and Mr. Creed, and did give them a ham of bacon.
So to my Lord and with him to the Duke of Gloucester. So to Mr. Crews and look over my papers and business to set them in order a little; very hot weather. The two Dukes dined at the Speakers this day and I saw there a fine entertainment and dined with the pages.
To Mr. Crew’s, whither came Mr. Greatorex, and with him to the Faithornes, and so to the Devils tavern. To my Lord’s and staid till 12 at night about business. So to my father’s, my father and mother in bed, who had been with my uncle Fenner, &c., and my wife all day and expected me. But I found Mr. Cook there, and so to bed.

Sit. Give bacon
in hot weather
and dine at
the devil’s tavern
till 12 at night.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Tuesday 12 June 1660.


Betimes to my Lord. Extremely much people and business. So with him to Whitehall to the Duke.

Back with him by coach and left him in Covent Garden. I back to Will’s and the Hall to see my father. Then to the Leg in King Street with Mr. Moore, and sent for L’Impertinent to dinner with me. After that with Mr. Moore about Privy Seal business. To Mr. Watkins, so to Mr. Crew’s. Then towards my father’s met my Lord and with him to Dorset House to the Chancellor. So to Mr. Crew’s and saw my Lord at supper, and then home, and went to see Mrs. Turner, and so to bed.

Me: my extreme business.
I see my father, that wit,
the war with chance.
My lord Me, we turn.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Monday 11 June 1660.


Up betimes. 25s the reckoning for very beer. Paid the house and by boats to London, six boats. Mr. Moore, W. Howe and I, and then the child in the room of W. Howe.
Landed at the Temple. To Mr. Crews. To my father’s and put myself into a handsome posture to wait upon my Lord. Dined there.
To Mr. Crews again. In the way met Dr Clerke and Mr. Pierce.
To White-Hall with my Lord and Mr. Edw. Montagu. Found the King in the parke. There walked. Gallantry great.
To Will How till 10 at night. Back and to my fathers.

Bet for beer, I put
the white king
in the park at night.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 9 June 1660.

Hard Ride

Out early, took horses at Deale. I troubled much with the King’s gittar, and Fairbrother, the rogue that I intrusted with the carrying of it on foot, whom I thought I had lost.
Col. Dixwell’s horse taken by a soldier and delivered to my Lord, and by him to me to carry to London.
Came to Canterbury, dined there. I saw the minster and the remains of Becket’s tomb. To Sittingborne and Rochester. At Chatham and Rochester the ships and bridge.
Mr. Hetly’s mistake about dinner.
Come to Gravesend. A good handsome wench I kissed, the first that I have seen a great while.
Supped with my Lord, drank late below with Penrose, the Captain. To bed late, having first laid out all my things against to-morrow to put myself in a walking garb. Weary and hot to bed to Mr. Moore.

A horse with
the king’s guitar.
A lost horse
to carry me
to the tomb.
I kiss a late rose,
having laid out
my walking garb,
weary and hot.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Friday 8 June 1660.


About one in the morning, W. Howe called me up to give him a letter to carry to my Lord that came to me to-day, which I did and so to, sleep again. About three in the morning the people began to wash the deck, and the water came pouring into my mouth, which waked me, and I was fain to rise and get on my gown, and sleep leaning on my table.
This morning Mr. Montagu went away again.
After dinner come Mr. John Wright and Mr. Moore, with the sight of whom my heart was very glad. They brought an order for my Lord’s coming up to London, which my Lord resolved to do tomorrow.
All the afternoon getting my things in order to set forth to-morrow. At night walked up and down with Mr. Moore, who did give me an account of all things at London. Among others, how the Presbyterians would be angry if they durst, but they will not be able to do any thing.
Most of the Commanders on board and supped with my Lord.
Late at night came Mr. Edw. Pickering from London, but I could not see him this night.
I went with Mr. Moore to the Master’s cabin, and saw him there in order to going to bed.
After that to my own cabin to put things in order and so to bed.

One in the morning. How to sleep?
Ash came pouring into my mouth.
I sleep on my table after dinner
and at night walk up and down in bed.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Thursday 7 June 1660.