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Art and photography bloggers
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Why these links?

Other daily poetry sites

A few favorite online magazines

Art and photography bloggers

  • Anita Mills
    Ceramics, jewelery, 3-D printing, and other artistic adventures.
  • Anthropological Notebook
    Malaysian anthropologist and photographer Lye Tuck-Po.
  • Blaugustine
    London-based artist Natalie d’Arbeloff’s always entertaining projects and musings.
  • Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ Artlog
    This great contemporary Welsh painter somehow also finds the time to maintain an exceptionally interesting blog.
  • Drawing the Motmot
    Wildlife painter Debby Kaspari on nature and art.
  • Marie Craven
    “Video, music and poetry collaborator in Queensland, Australia.”
  • Marja-Leena Rathje
    “On printmaking and other passions” from Vancouver, BC.
  • Paula’s House of Toast
    The brilliant macro photographer and poet Paula Tartarunis died much too young in 2015, but her blog archives are still worth a prolonged visit.
  • Swoon Videopoetry, Soundscapes, etc.
    The Belgian filmmaker and musician Marc Neys is redefining videopoetry.
  • The Z Factor
    Cheryl Gross is an animator and artist whose work has been compared to Dr. Seuss on crack.

Naturalist bloggers

  • A Passion for Nature
    Jennifer Schlick is a teacher-naturalist in Western New York.
  • Coyote Crossing
    Naturalist writer Chris Clarke’s musings from the Mojave.
  • Journey to the Center
    Photographer and naturalist Bev Wigney divides her time between Nova Scotia and Arizona.
  • Marcia Bonta
    A monthly column from a naturalist writer in central Pennsylvania (who also happens to be Dave’s mom).
  • Musings from Aotearoa
    Robb Kloss is a mountain man from the Ruahine ranges in the North Island of Aotearoa.
  • pohanginapete
    “Pete lives in the Pohangina Valley, Aotearoa/New Zealand and writes about travelling and people, mountains and other wild places…”
  • Riverside Rambles
    Bisbee, Arizona-based Larry Ayers has a great eye and insatiable curiosity.
  • Rock Paper Lizard
    Entertaining stories and observations from southwestern British Columbia.
  • Somewhere in New Jersey
    Everybody loves going to the shore, but few know beach habitats and inhabitants as well as Laura.
  • The Dharma Bums
    Robin and Roger share photos and updates on living with nature in northern California.

Poets, writers, and other uncategorizable personal bloggers

  • 3rd House Journal
    Leslee Masten is the archetypal personal blogger with an eye for arts and culture.
  • Ann E. Michael
    “Poetry, nature, and speculative philosophical musings” from a poet in eastern Pennsylvania.
  • Balanced on the Edge
    Poet and yoga teacher Christine Swint.
  • Beachcoming for the Landlocked
    Mark H.’s haiku blog.
  • Blogalicious
    New Jersey-based poet Diane Lockward covers the American poetry scene.
  • Book of Kells
    Poet Kelli Russell Agodon’s “notes on writing & living creatively.”
  • box elder
    Lucy Kempton is a personal blogger and photographer living in Brittany.
  • Collin Kelley: Modern Confessional
    An Atlanta-based poet and novelist blending the personal and the cultural/social/political.
  • Coyote Mercury
    James Brush writes, takes photos, and makes videopoems in Austin, Texas.
  • Dr. Omed’s Tent Show Revival
    The best snake-oil salesman in the literary blogosphere.
  • George Szirtes
    One of the greatest living British poets, Szirtes blogs about poetry, culture and society.
  • Good Universe Next Door
    Poet Carolee Bennett lives near Albany, NY, and blogs about poetry and life.
  • Hoarded Ordinaries
    Lorianne DiSabato is a down-to-earth Buddhist teacher who blogs about everything under the sun.
  • Idle Words
    Travel blogger Maciej Cegłowski doesn’t post very often, but when he does, it’s a treat.
  • I was not born in English
    Poetic musings from Magda Kapa in Germany.
    Poet and interviewer JasonCrane has legally changed his last name to .Org.
  • Jeannine Hall Gailey
    Poetry, writing and more from Redmond, Washington.
  • Koranteng’s Toli
    Koranteng is “From Ghana by way of France and England, technologist, omnivorous reader, sometime writer and music lover.”
  • Kristin Berkey-Abbott
    A poet, scholar, and “wanna-be mystic” blogs about her “life as a poet, along with other creative ventures.”
  • Language Hat
    Steve Dodson’s long-running blog is essential reading for all who love language.
  • life as a journey
    “Roads, moments, encounters, etc.” from German writer Dorothee Lang.
  • Lost Way to the Sky
    “Tiny poems by Grant Hackett.”
  • mole
    Dale Favier posts poems, confessional essays, occasional rants and more.
  • Parmanu
    An Indian living in Germany and blogging some of the best writing of place on the Internet.
  • Poet Mom
    Massachusetts poet January Gill O’Neil’s blog.
  • Put Words Together. Make Meaning.
    Poet Donna Vorreyer lives in Chicago and blogs about writing, teaching, poetry and life.
  • Rosefire Rising
    PF Anderson posts terrific original poetry and occasionally other things.
  • sam of the 10,000 things
    Poet Sam Rasnake shares favorite poems and writes about poetry, music, and more.
  • Sarah Russell Poetry
    New in 2017, an exemplary blog by an older poet from Dave’s neck of the woods.
  • serif of nottingblog
    Canadian poet Gary Barwin’s latest poems and provocations.
  • slow reads
    Peter writes gracefully about reading, poetry, religion and society, and tosses off a great poem now and then.
  • The Alchemist’s Kitchen
    Poet Susan Rich on “Poetry, Travel, and the Creative Writing Life.”
  • the cassandra pages
    Beth Adams lives in Montreal, makes art, publishes books, and blogs beautifully about culture, religion and life.
  • The Good Typist
    “Seattle-based poet, fiction writer, and day-jobber” Kristin McHenry.
  • The Palace at 2:00 a.m.
    Marly Youmans blogs about literature, culture, and her life as as a poet and novelist.
  • The Phoenix
    A personal blogger (and brilliant if infrequent poet) living in Yorkshire.
  • The Rain in My Purse
    This may be Dave’s favorite blog. It’s by Sarah Sloat, an American poet living in Germany.
  • The Storialist
    Ekphrastic poetry and more from Hannah Stephenson.
  • Wayward Philosophy
    Imagine a good philosopher (part phenomenologist, part Daoist) who’s also a genial and ingenious writer and you have Will Buckingham.
  • Velveteen Rabbi
    Poet and rabbi Rachel Barenblat’s blog is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary Jewish thought and devotional practice. She always brings up the rear in blogrolls, so we’re giving her an extra-long write-up to make up for it. (Seriously, though, what sane blogger chooses a name beginning with a V?)

Why these links?

Time was when every blog had a blogroll right in the sidebar. In these more mobile-focused times, that’s perceived as extra clutter and has fallen out of fashion. But especially for a site like Via Negativa where most posts are original creative work rather than commentary, and therefore contain few outgoing links, we think it’s as important as ever to maintain a list of some of our favorite places on the web—especially those that aren’t as well-known as they should be.

We’ve been reading many of these bloggers for a very long time, so they’ve come to seem like friends and neighbors, but we do try to keep the needs of Via Negativa readers in mind when deciding what to include. Thus for example we tend not to include blogs that haven’t been updated in more than six months, or blogs that serve merely to record the author’s publications elsewhere (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s also worth pointing out that while some of the above-linked sites are run by good friends, we link with absolutely no expectation of quid pro quo. Any requests to engage in reciprocal linking will be deleted unread. (It doesn’t take very much of that before Google figures out what you’re trying to do and demotes your sites in its search rankings. But more than that, it’s just unfair to readers.)