1. So what do we do if we live in a flood plain which is silt no rocks? Bike till we get out of the silt??

  2. Yep.

    Folks like my brother Mark, who lives in the middle of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta, might be SOL.

  3. Stone-skipping; spent many hours doing that by the seaside or any decent river with a bit of a shallow beach beside it. Now rock-flipping… that sounds a bit mad!

  4. I love to skip rocks, too, but I’d never considered trying to turn it into a spectator sport. With rock-flipping, the only competitors are the critters underneath, trying to see how quickly they can get away from you!

  5. yes, i’m way late, as in everything, and i totally missed he flipping day. but i must respond to “don’t play with spiders”.

    i won’t argue long and hard, just point out that spiders are your friends and many of them enjoy a little playtime, or just quiet contemplative socialization. if they’re not interested they’ll usually let you know, by rejecting your attentions.

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