Jenni Baker’s “Erasing Infinite”

holloway overhung with ancient trees n Cornwall

Another beautiful, artistic erasure poetry project: Erasing Infinite, which the creator, poet and Found Poetry Review editor Jenni B. Baker, describes as “A found poetry project erasing David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest one page at a time.” I love the presentation. Baker uses Creative Commons-licensed photos onto which she juxtaposes the words of her erasures in the same arrangements in which they appeared in the original text (though oddly, she copyrights the results, which violates the “share alike” [SA] terms of photos so licensed). The poems are usually satisfying as texts in themselves, but gain in effectiveness by their association with images — especially the shorter, more enigmatic poems. I’m also intrigued by her decision to use Tumblr as a home for the project (there’s also a Facebook page and of course a Twitter feed). Check it out.

(Thanks once again to Maureen Doallas for the link.)