1. What a cool idea – live-blogging a reading! I’m a scrawler-on-the-page sort of a reader and it’s usually only after I’ve finished the whole thing and then gone back over the scrawls that I get a big picture of the book. Wonder how live-blogging would work on that dynamic? Thanks for sharing – this sounds like a great collection, definitely on my to-read list! Nic

    • Glad you liked this experiment! Yeah, it’s not so good on the broad overview, but I figure Kristin will do a better job with that, anyway. My main criterion is to get people excited about reading poetry (and this book in particular).

      • I think live-blogging works better for the solitary! Mine would be jammed with children and ridiculous events.

        Diane Lockward was a good choice and match for you.

        • Mine would be jammed with children and ridiculous events.
          Which to us solitary types would be really interesting to read about!

    • Great post, Kristin! I would like to see you live-blog such a day for real some time, with or without snatches of reading among the chaos.

      That’s cool that you got a prompt out of the post! Do share the result if it turns out well.

  2. Oh oh oh. Maybe I could read some poems in between managing baby inputs and outputs…

    • You should! Poems are great for fitting into the interstices… well, except for epics, of course.

  3. Damn, I wish my copy would hurry up and arrive!

    • Me too! I’m especially interested in your reaction to the massage poem.

  4. i like what you’ve done! it very closely mimics how our minds work, i think — the exchange of inner awareness about inner thoughts and concentration on something external:

    “The heat effect from my morning shower has almost entirely worn off, and the cold and damp are beginning to get to me. But listen: ‘I watch my mother// grow down, as if she carries/ a burden of basket, as if/ already greeting the earth.’ Simply a magnificent poem.”

    I have this on my shelf and have been intending to read it. And now I will!!

    • Cool! You might want to savor it a bit more slowly than I did, I don’t know. For me, it’s always a toss-up as to which is the better reading style: a slow, attentive read-through at one go that allows one to see the poems in context, or reading a book over the course of weeks, one or two poems at a time, to give each one space in memory and imagination. It might be interesting to blog the latter style, too! (Glad this post worked for you, though.)

      • i tend to do them in one or two sittings. not many things in the world i’ve tackled with proper pacing. :)

  5. …and I was sure I had this on my shelf. Have ordered it now.

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