1. I love the photo, and the comments are funny indeed. “One definitely gets the impression of overlap between nature-nerdism and general geekery.” Yep. That nails it.


    1. You should see the guys behind the golden eagle radio telemetry project — uber-geeks! As are many other birders, I suspect.

  2. Dis

    Actually, I first saw that particular photo in Jeff Watson’s book on the golden eagle. I love the picture as it show how beautiful and huuumongous golden eagles are. Next place I found the picture was Reddit before I found the blog page. Loved seeing more pictures of that beautiful bird. She has such pretty hackles.

    About thirty years ago I used to cruise around in winter in the open country near my home with a camera equiped with a telephoto lens, hoping to catch an eagle on film. My months of effort were rewarded when I found a very cooperative bird perched on a billboard who let me stand right under it. I think I got about 40 pictures. There are much better pictures out there than mine, but I still treasure them, remembering my photo session with an eagle.

    With encroaching development, I see far fewer eagles nowadays and that makes me sad.


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