Introducing Smorgasblog

Via Negativa just had a baby: Smorgasblog. Go look.

I’ll be updating Smorgasblog on a weekly basis, and posting reminders here. It will have its own archives, but no comments feature. I strongly encourage readers to click through and read the original posts, and leave comments there if they feel so moved.

5 Replies to “Introducing Smorgasblog”

  1. Oh, how cool is this! I must admit, though, that as grateful as I am to have this convenient smattering of tasty posts arrayed for my delectation, I’m also feeling a bit guilty that I don’t (currently) have time for the poring & pondering that it takes to *make* a smorgasblog.

    I guess that tells you a bit about me, doesn’t it? :-) My own guilt trips notwithstanding, I’m happy & grateful that you’ve taken the time to arrange a splendid repast for the rest of us…

  2. Great stuff, great choices! You’ve got me as a fan at once by choosing my favourite post of recent days – Will’s musings on his retreat, which I printed out and have been carrying around to keep rereading.

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    Marja-Leena, it was your and Tom’s posts that finally galvanized me into action (though I was guided by Peter’s example at Slow Reads).

    Lorianne, please don’t feel guilty. I’m sure you reach more people through teaching than I’ll ever reach through blogging.

    Jean – Glad you liked my picks. Will’s blog is always such a treat to visit – both visually and intellectually appealing.

  4. I love what you’ve done with your vaguely compatible blogs list. The personalized teasers are fun reading even though I don’t have time to grow my list of blog acquaintances much. I’ll know where to start when I do. You do a sensitive job of it, right down to noting whether or not the blogger in question prefers his or her site’s name capitalized.

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