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The ultimate in social networking with a rich, interactive, user-friendly interface. Across the matrix of Web 2.0 applications, smooth WYSIWYG editing, RSS aggregation and mashups have made content production synergies compelling and virtually inescapable. But social-side results are often erratic, with reciprocity a haphazard by-product of open source collaboration and blog commenting. No more. With Circl Jerkrâ„¢, a unique retooling of front-end software registers and rewards near-simultaneity of output from multiple users with semantically valid peer-produced feedback elaboration. Circl Jerkrâ„¢ enables the configuration of a decentralized emergent workflow environment that’s sure to have a seminal impact on all social networks and community-building applications. The alpha version is currently undergoing testing by a few, hand-picked users, but we expect an imminent release.

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5 Replies to “Coming soon…”

  1. “The ultimate in social networking with a rich, interactive, user-friendly interface…”

    Ha! I read: “The ultimate in social networking with a RIGID, interactive, user-friendly interface…”

  2. Heard a snippet of Diane Rheem interviewing a N.Y. Times reporter who said the number of children with web cams is scarcely more than the number of children who have been naked before them.

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