butuki –

Perhaps they fear they would recognize something of themselves that they’d rather not see?

Excellent point.

No argument on the polarity of trees either (have we had this discussion before? Seems familiar). The tree-mind seems so wrapt up with its fungal symbionts, it’s hard to see how the roots could be anything other than head and hair.

Jean – Thanks. Well, you know, I think if we’re ever going to defeat the patriarchy, we should begin by acknowledging that patriarchs, as individuals, can be quite likable and charismatic. And political campaigns take advantage of this: Ronald Reagan and Ariel Sharon, for example, were both sold to their respective electorates as kindly gradfathers. I remember as a kid feeling attracted to the grandfatherly visage of Leonid Brezhnev!

Bobby – Yeah. Though in my cynicism I neglected to mention one, rather big piece of GOOD news: the federal district judge in California throwing out the Bush regime’s revision of the roadless rule on public lands and reinstating the CLinton rule.

Two Dishes – I don’t know, but I did catch an amusing piece on NPR last week about a blogger who focuses exclusively on Vatican politics and gossip. Almost every night in the wee hours, he says, his stats show a visitor from the Vatican who consistently uses the German translation bot!

beth – Sounds like we’re coming from about the same place. Though I must admit I still have my home page set to Google News. Most mornings I simply don’t log on to the web at all until I’ve written for at least two hours. Still, maybe I should switch to Poetry Daily…

Despite the strong resemblance, I have to say that my Pop-pop was a lot better looking than the pope. My scanner’s broken, or I’d put his picture up.