Thanks for all the kind words. A few responses…

Lori and Jean, I’m flattered that you both like what I’ve done with shadow cabinet so far. The marriage of template and photo was a happy accident, but I think it will inspire me to do the best job I can with the anthology.

marja-leena – It’s always gratifying to find myself in your virtual company.

Clare – Thanks. I’m very pleased to have you here. It makes the difference between the Appalachians and the high Arctic seem almost neglible! RE: “grand old men of blogging,” I was thinking that someone whould work out an equation to help us convert blog years into people years.

Larry – Thanks and you’re welcome. Yes, your blog is certainly a good fit with the others I read in this loosely knit community of genre-mixing bloggers. (And we’re writing the types of blogs that the self-appointed blog experts warn against, you know! If you want lots of eyeballs, you have to have a fairly tight focus, they say. Fortunately, blogging doesn’t have to be a numbers game.)

Peter – I was thinking in particular about various plug-ins that automatically generate a short list of links to related posts (from the archives) at the end of each new post; that produce link(s) to posts from a year ago (or three years ago, or whatever), either at the end of the post or in the sidebar; and that foreground categories or topics over chronological archives. In this last category, Alex King’s just-released Articles plugin is especially interesting. It automatically adds designated posts to a Favorite Articles page, organized by category/topic. (I’m considering switching to it and abandoning my chronologically organized “Best of” pages.) And it’s probably only a matter of time before King or another software developer writes a companion page that will list links to the readers’ favorite posts, as determined by a combination of links, trackbacks, comments, and page views.