Teju – Speak for yourself!
Well, of course, I have no problem blowing my own mind.

Vasha – Hey, that’s cool! I though about mentioning National Delurker Week, but I was afraid it would seem coercive — I respect people’s right to remain private.

Fred – Thanks for prompting me to re-read that. I’m not sure I would’ve known to write espresso witthout an “x” had I not been copying the translation rather closely.

I don’t know about a 12-step program to quit coffee. I’ve heard that self-help groups tend to turn into coffee clubs pretty quickly. Might be self-defeating.

bev – I read poetry that way, sometimes, but not anything else. In any case I don’t feel I’ve really read a book of poems until I’ve read it twice — at least once in the order the author intended. Since this is a collected poems, though, it’s obviously a bigger commitment.