Sorry to go on so.
Don’t be absurd. Your comment was just the length it need to be, I think, and you make your points succinctly and well.

I’ve been reading poems by Machado, Lorca and the other Spanish surrealists – in bilingual editions – ever since my mid-teens, but I still wouldn’t claim to have really, completely understood them. However, I understand enough to know that I love their imagery, their dark moods, their flashes of insight into the soul. I dunno. I’m not very good at writing/talking about poetry either. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with responding to the imagery first and foremost, though your remarks about listening to recordings suggest that the music, too, has a strong if not primary appeal.

Anyway, thanks for your detailed and sympathetic response to this post. I almost took it down after I posted it, because I felt some parts of it were unecessairly snarky (who really cares whether I like John Ashbery or not?). Glad you liked the links – I had fun digging them up.