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  1. Rachel – I knew you’d be game!

    Tall Girl – Perhaps we could have simultaneous retreats in North America and the U.K.

    marja-leena – You couldn’t take a train?

  2. Hell yeah.

    (Perhaps some Webcam-radery for our multicontinental coterie?)

    Work will make my travel-for-fun life difficult, but hopefully not impossible. (And if it’s in Moab or mountains, I’ll serve up any excuse needed.)


  3. leslee – Yup. Great!

    Gina Marie – Please do. I think you’ll find our guest editors (currently Lori and Pica) a pleasure to correspond with. We try to treat everyone with gratitude and respect.

    Pica – Well, if we do pull this off, and you are able to attend, I expect we’ll want to include a sketch crawl, too.

    Larry – It’s the wall of a limestone cave in Central PA. I took the photo with a flash, then messed around with the negative in post-processing. If we could get a cave to ourselves for a few hours, I think that would be ideal.

    Lori – Certain portions could be recorded, yes. For example, we’d probably want to wind up the retreat with a public reading or performance of some sort. That could certainly be recorded for web publication.

  4. Zhoen – Yeah, if you’re moving back to Utah, I guess that wouldn’t be too far (at least in western terms). I don’t know what they have in the way of caves there, though. We might have to settle for an abandoned uranium mine. :

    quiet regular – Nope, all stone. That’s deep inside Woodward.

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