No, no names for the yeast. I wasn’t quite that desperate. ;-)

Regarding attractive vs. non-attractive people, I’ve said for a while that some of the ugliest people I’ve known have been among the most beautiful, and vice versa.

Regarding objects, are you familiar with Japanese tea-ceremony traditions? Way back in college one of my courses included some history of the business. Apparently, one of the mainstays of their “high tradition” was the collection and use of certain clay vessels for handling the tea, ranging from antique to ancient. In conventional terms, these are quite ugly — but the practitioners found their appearance worthy of meditation and poetry.

But there was one rather odd account, where a certain fellow single-handly introduced a new tradition, that of making new, temporary implements out of bamboo on the spot. The readings did not give full details, but between the lines I sensed something to the effect of: this guy was too poor to afford the traditional vessels, but he’d managed to charm his way into “the crowd” — well enough that the nobles, monks, etc were willing to let him make a new path to the tea ceremony.