Apparently, I spoke too soon about the restoration of DSL service in Plummer’s Hollow. This morning, it’s back to dial-up.

I had been planning to resume Smorgasblog, my sideblog of excerpts and links to other blogs, at the beginning of August, but now it’s not clear if we’ll have dependable service again for a while, and it’s simply too time-consuming to try and do it at 28k/sec. So I’ve simply substituted a link to my Google Reader-generated blogroll feed blog in the top bar, in addition to the display of the ten most recent blogroll post titles in the sidebar (now properly formatted to fit the style of the rest of the sidebar). I’ll keep the other list of web links (via on the presumption that I may get to do some web surfing again at some point. The latest link, to a YouTube video of Muddy Waters performing “Can’t Get No Grinding,” now seems eerily appropriate. What’s wrong with that mill?

And now to put together a Festival of the Trees post. Aaaargh!

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  1. How depressing! Hope it’s a short-lived problem as I’ve just had such pleasure from your recent visits/comments that I’d missed for some time – selfishness on my part, I know. One of my daughters has a job that requires a majority of work to be done online; she lives and works just outside city limits and struggles with the same issues of promised but not-delivered speed and also goes “aaargh”!

  2. robin andrea – Thanks for sympathizing. It is slow, but being of Protestant heritage I slip rather easily into resigned gloom: it is, after all, still much better than I deserve.

    Lorianne – I appreciate the offer. But I got ‘er done O.K. Even enjoyed a little bit of serendipity in the photo department, as you’ll see.

    marja-leena – I feel her pain. We are the Aaargonauts of the Internet!

  3. My sympathy, Dave. It seems strange that our broadband in Pocahontas County is more dependable than yours. Of course, now that I’ve mentioned it, the whole system will probably explode. (That’s not Protestant heritage talking–I think it’s pre-Christian fear of calling attention to your good fortune in front of the gods. Look at the Cattle Raid of Cooley–all that trouble caused by boasting.)

  4. Aaargonauts!

    I am so sorry you’re still dealing with snail-paced bandwidth. If this goes on, I will happily ship a banana slug to your ISP. We have enough, given all our recent rain.

    (And, on a related note, I looooove the quality of empathetic comments on your blog. I feel wittier just reading them.)

    Hang in there, and you know where to send that extra-large banana slug request if you deem it necessary.

  5. Rebecca – Well, that’s the thing about northern Protestantism – it inherited a lot of that old pagan fatalism. The guilt/sin thing made it somewhat more interesting, too.

    Lori – We’re still in drought here. I think we’re getting your weather, minus the extremes of heat (high temps a paltry 90 or so).

    All – As of Saturday morning, we have DSL back. It was definitely their fault this time, some glitch in their service causing the modem password to reset and thus deny our connection.

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