Thanks for the comments, y’all.

quiet regular – “LOL” can be verbed?!

Brett – Sure, take all you need. I’m not using them.

marja-leena – Maybe not. I think photography is permitted.

Cady May – You may be a pagan and a blasphemer, but it sure sounds as if you’ve paid your dues slogging through those OT prophets. Or maybe all the old-time religions just sound alike, eh?

I’ve always wanted to erect a megalith or two in my front yard.

Keith – Namesake? You mean David with his sling?

Tall Girl – Thanks!

bev – I’d suspected as much.

Joel – Hell no. That stuff is an environmental scourge.

Rebecca – I hope you made sure the burlap sack was securely tied shut before you heaved them into the river.

Yes, we’re all Keystoners here, aren’t we? Good point.