Thanks for all the thoughtful reactions, y’all. I’m glad to find myself in such good company.

arby – Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure that dispassionate is necessarily better, though — some things it’s good to get impassioned about. And I still do, I guess, though perhaps with less intensity than I used to.

rr – Yes, and I think it was the memory of a particularly pungent screed of yours against our obsession with instantaneousness that emboldened me to write this post.

Jarrett – I love your phrase, “the false erotics of every daily rise and fall”! Damn.

Bill – If you must.

David – Yes, but I don’t see how it could be otherwise. All journalism is advocacy journalism of a sort, even if the causes are not expressly articulated. The ideology of growth, for example, is nearly all-pervasive, even in the most apparently unbiased media. One has to read any news source critically.

Pica – Well, I probably would read more news online, but the paper is there and convenient. I don’t have a laptop to bring to the table with me when I eat.

Keith – I am aware that Brittney is in some sort of custody battle, though I couldn’t have told you her ex’s name. Hope that isn’t too disillusioning.

Sometimes the fluff stories are fun, though. I really got a kick out of the Joe Paterno road rage story when my dad told me about it last night.

dale – I never know whether to be afraid or to be reassured when you and I are on the same page! The risk of contamination from those “familiar narratives” is precisely why I can’t handle much if any news first thing in the morning, when I’m trying to germinate something creative.