MB – Yeah, love that “generally prevented”! However, who’s to say whether that’s really accurate, or just some white guy’s assumption, based on preconceived notions of how Indians treated their children. On the other hand, I’ve always thought we’d do well to imitate traditional Native rites-of-passage — sending the kids out into the wilderness alone for a week, for example. Might lose a few that way, but probably far fewer than we currently lose to drunk-driving accidents, drug overdoses, and gang warfare.

marja-leena – Glad you liked!

Jean – Well, the weather was very overcast yesterday, so there wasn’t much color there to begin with (I had to really jack up the red in Photoshop to get those cables in the photo to stand out). But I also wanted an old-fashioned look to go along with the music. And I thought it might make for a slightly smaller, faster-to-download file.