Jarrett – Pretty funny! So Australia’s pre-ironic, huh? Is an Irony Age part of the expected development of societies? I had no idea.

David – That’s one way of putting it.

Theriomorph – Give it time, and I’m sure that root beer bottle will fill with roots.

Peter – Concerning the dignity and beauty, I guess that’s why corporations often place their crap in natural settings for ads, settings where the products can’t function as designed. The pickup trucks on buttes, etc.
Good point!

Jo – Thanks.

Natalie – That was my favorite of these, too. I added a little bit of the “diffuse glow” effect at the end to bring out that spiritual look.

Glad you like the bear and the layout, though I can’t guarantee that either will stay.

Lucy – That might be true if the bottle were at a steep angle, but otherwise I don’t see it.

Floating plastics in the ocean are a huge threat to marine ecoystems. I agree that glass comes back much improved.