Crazy Old Man Just Rambling —

Suppose those “small stones” of focused attention
Were a type of quantum singularity
Like the Big Bang that created the universe…
Doorways into the Void.

In the beginning was the Word…

Well, not quite.

That “Instability” from which arose
The Vibration In The Strings,
The “Big Bang” which physicists call “Vacuum Genesis” (creatio ex nihilo),
Is Consciousness

When the attention is focused, then,
Words and Events become “Little Bangs” in the Quantum Void —
Vibrations that open Pathways…

And suppose that these “zero point” singularities were
“Attachment Points” for other dimensions and universes.

Consciousness, Imagination, Vibration…
Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva…
Creator, Preserver, Destroyer…
Singularities emnerge from Consciousness, from thoughts…
And they are connected by the strands of a web
That is beyond time and space…

All of Which raises the question,
“Can the gnat flying up your nose really open a Stargate?”

Any sorcerer (or writer, for that matter – the two are much alike) worth his or her Salt must certainly develop a good sense of humor in the face of such hilarious absurdities…

Camus and Buddha both knew the same thing:
Under a bodhi tree or the sun of a North African beach,
It makes no difference,
Anything can be a doorway…

When our “Assemblage Point” approaches
The “Attachment Point” of a quantum singularity,
A crack always appears in the Cosmic Egg
That nourishes both Society and Self,
And physical death is always a possible consequence.

So, to set out on The Quest
One must accept this risk.

Attention, intention, impeccability, dreaming…
These are tools for acquiring Power.
And one cannot spend too much time with one’s regrets,
As it will always be over sooner than you think.

It is harder to pay attention when one is young.
Now that I am old I have time every day
For the geese, the guinea, the goat,
And the groundhogs that live on my little mountain.

We have grown accustomed to each other’s habits and needs.
I give them food and water and protection,
And they give me attention and company
Now that no one comes around to visit anymore…

The poor male guinea lost his mate a few weeks back.
Most likely a predator got her — a dog or a hawk perhaps.
Now he is afraid to come out from under
The old junk car where he spends most of his day.

He waits for the black goat to arrive
Before coming out to scratch the ground and eat.
I guess staying under the goat makes him feel safe.

I know just how he feels.
I lost my mate a few years back to a heart attack,
And I don’t like to go out much anymore either.

Still, you can’t go around afraid that death
Is lurking in every shadow.
It could always grab us at any time,
And that’s just the way it is…

Bluejays and chickadees,
Cardinals and blackbirds,
A wild turkey and a big red fox,
Skunks, ‘coons, and possums…
Some during the day, others at night,
They all come to my ‘drive up’ window
Expecting a handout…

My house is full of parrots.
Big ones and little ones…
Macaws, Conures, Greys, Amazons, Cockatiels…
Every color of the rainbow!
They are my familiars and I am their servant.

Some birds, you know, are Angels in Disguise,
Come to carry our prayers before the Great Spirit…

My old drum left me,
So now I need a new one — one with a good voice, I hope.
But it will have to wait, I guess…

Oh well… will do just fine.
Besides, I carry a drum in my heart and head!

Every warrior, even old ones, must be like Sisyphus
And refuse to give up until the game is over.
No excuses…

— P.S.

A few weeks ago I was standing at my window during a thunderstorm. A small ball of white light (about the size of a softball) suddenly appeared a few feet in front of me in mid-air, about six feet off the ground, and then exploded and disappeared.

It did not make a loud sound like most lightning strikes, more like just a popping sound, but when I turned around, the screen of my TV looked like someone had run a powerful magnet over it, and all the colors were a mess. The LCD screen on my computer monitor was unaffected. The TV eventually returned to normal after several hours.

Whatever field of energy was generated, it had to pass right through me, but yet I felt nothing.

Very strange. I have seen “ball lightning” before, but this was different than anything I have ever seen.