Paul, Siona – Thanks for these additional quotes.

leslee – Thanks for the feedback. I think you can expect to see a continuing evolution in language and imagery at the Morning Porch, because otherwise I’ll grow bored with it.

christine – Thanks for voting for the cornbread one; a couple other folks have followed your lead now. I’m sure I could have found a more crowd-pleasing quote from that poet – one of the most exciting younger poets out there – but that one reminded me of the Daodejing’s saying about how governing a state is like frying a small fish, which someone referenced here in a comment last week. As for having hope, yes: and not so much because of Obama per se, but because of the grassroots movement that got him elected. Still, I personally remain anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist in my political leanings, so the Henry Miller quote, while a bit jarring perhaps, does come from a place I understand. (I was one of those oddballs who found Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons prophetic and moving, and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.)