JMartin – That corporate client might not have been so crazy. Judging by the turkey videos on YouTube, sometimes they can get pretty aggressive. One of our hunter friends was attacked once when he was using a turkey call.

Thanks for that link. My latest thinking about a Morning Porch book has taken a more ambitious turn: I’d like to keep making daily entries for five years, and then arrange them in synoptic fashion, with five brief paragraphs/stanzas for each day.

Isabelle – Thanks for stopping by. That is the typical porcupine physique, and I don’t know how to account for it. They are strict vegetarians. They may eat other plants and leaves in the summer, but all winter long it’s nothing but tree bark and twigs.

bev – Ha! You’re on to me. Yes, that’s why the camera was shaking, too. Damn harmonica.

Rachel – If you say so. (I hope U of T kicked A&M butt!)

marja-leena – Thanks! Yes, I was pleased by how well those photos turned out. I can’t imagaine I would’ve liked the results nearly as well if I’d been lucky enough to catch the hawk in the act.

Lady P – Glad you liked those. I really like the new Flickr slideshow, the way it gives a full-screen option.

..deb – Thanks.

David – You too! Yes, the feast-and-family part of my Thanksgiving went well. It just wasn’t as photogenic.