Haiku in English: art, exercise, or oxymoron?

Don’t you just hate it when a blogger writes a provocative title for a post that turns out to be little more than a link? Me too — sorry! But there’s kind of an interesting discussion going on at Open Micro, and I think it would be helpful to those of us who try and write haiku (or 17-syllable American sentences, for that matter) if we could hear from a few more perspectives. If you’re primarily a reader, for example, what makes a haiku satisfying to read? Do you even notice how many syllables it has? Stop on over and let us know.

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  1. i don’t mind if it’s just a link, as long as it’s a worthwhile link, like this one…


  2. Mind if I pilfer this wording and post as a RWP newsy thing? I’ll assume it is okay until you email me saying otherwise. :-)


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