National Poetry Month card #31

National Poetry Month greeting card

See “How to Observe Better Sleep Month.” Deep sleep is a key to writing — and comprehending — deep poetry, folks. Never neglect the fundamentals!

I hope this month-long series hasn’t proved too annoying to VN readers who aren’t as into poetry as I am. Thanks to everyone who did in fact send or otherwise share these, and thanks to for the great application and images.

8 Replies to “National Poetry Month card #31”

    1. Don’t mention it. That’s the kind of service you can count on here at Via Negativa, where reader satisfaction is Job 1.

  1. The number made me laugh, the sentiment made me sigh.

    These have been a fun tonic to all the NaPoWriMo nonsense, which I fully participated in due to a willingness to jump off bridges with friends and a clear lack of any good sense.

    1. NaPoWriMo makes plenty of sense, I think. Brent Goodman’s series, for example, has been especially effective. But many of the rest of you have written a good number of quite interesting drafts too, I think. So it seems like a worthwhile exercise, and I think its growing popularity renders Charles Bernstein’s pre-NaPoWriMo criticisms of Poetry Month pretty much obsolete. It’s not an elite-controlled affair any longer.

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