National Poetry Month card #31

National Poetry Month greeting card

See “How to Observe Better Sleep Month.” Deep sleep is a key to writing — and comprehending — deep poetry, folks. Never neglect the fundamentals!

I hope this month-long series hasn’t proved too annoying to VN readers who aren’t as into poetry as I am. Thanks to everyone who did in fact send or otherwise share these, and thanks to for the great application and images.

8 Replies to “National Poetry Month card #31”

  1. The number made me laugh, the sentiment made me sigh.

    These have been a fun tonic to all the NaPoWriMo nonsense, which I fully participated in due to a willingness to jump off bridges with friends and a clear lack of any good sense.

    1. NaPoWriMo makes plenty of sense, I think. Brent Goodman’s series, for example, has been especially effective. But many of the rest of you have written a good number of quite interesting drafts too, I think. So it seems like a worthwhile exercise, and I think its growing popularity renders Charles Bernstein’s pre-NaPoWriMo criticisms of Poetry Month pretty much obsolete. It’s not an elite-controlled affair any longer.

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