Wow! What a story, and how Jungian! I wonder if this is an archetypal dream we all have in some form or another. I like Maria have wish fulfillment dreams of houses with secret luxurious rooms, each one more fascinating than the previous one. Your Shangri La valley woodsy dream would correspond if one lived one’s life in a more expansive and green environment.

The then there is the dysphoric dream. In my case, it is of vacant bombed out concrete high rises in‘ another part of Hannibal, that keeps reoccurring in various guises. It could have been memory whiffs of the old Hannibal Limekilns, mixed with WWII movie newsreels of European devastation. Whatever. Desolation is desolation, whether is desolation by bombs or what was referred to as “The Termite People” in that old movie “Emerald Forest” with Powers Booth.