Well, I don’t know. I’ve heard some pretty convincing arguments for main content on the left in a left-to-right culture, but one way or the other, themes with sidebars on the right certainly to seem to outnumber those with sidebars on the left by 10 to one now, so maybe it’s reasonable to expect that readers are accustomed to looking left for main content. Of course, I do want them to read and click on Smorgasblog stuff, too — I’m getting a pretty good amount of traffic (for a literary and nature blogger) and I’d like to spread the love around.

I’m sure I could make the switch to Open Office without much trouble, since all I ever use is Word and none of the fancy funtions. Gimp can’t be any harder than PS, but since I have the latter, no reason to switch yet. The main Adobe product I be hard pressed to live without is the audio one, Audition — way better than the open source alternative, Audacity.

By the way, your link didn’t come through. Try again?