Speaking as a like-minded spirit here… one who also feels a worthless failure of a painter if he doesn’t get into the studio to work at the easel every day… I can say that although I often deny myself the luxury of doing other things, I try to remember that’s it’s those ‘other things’ that ultimately fuel my work, though not always directly and certainly not in expected ways. It’ll be the same for you Dave. You’ll need the external stimuli of experiences away from your keyboard… even ones that don’t immediately feed into your writing. But it’s a tricky one, I acknowledge, this work/life balance. However you negotiate terms with yourself, I shall just say here that you are a a poet, and a damned fine one, even if you spend time blueberry picking and then fret that poetry doesn’t enter your mind while foraging. Poetry will spring, though it may be further down the line. Perhaps it’ll come from those blueberry muffins, or from the fruits preserved for use during the coming winter months. Yum! I can almost taste that poetry from here!