That’s quite a notion Dave, ‘heat induced blog enui.’ If I was coming down tough I’d say that while more imaginative it’s in the same realm as ‘The dog ate my homework!’ However I know whereof you speak. Maybe it’s me being fanciful, but I sense a general loosening of blog commitment in myself and in others. Maybe it’s not just the heat (here it’s OK at the moment, with plenty of rain and temperatures clement) but the sense that much of what we looked forward to all through the Winter has now passed. The shorter days and longer nights are moving closer. When Summer has gone then the idea of sitting in front of a laptop screen may seem more attractive again, and I’ll catch up on all the e-mail correspondences, blog posts and put-off paperwork that are presently languishing in the file labelled ‘Manana!’

Those salads sound good. What time do you eat? I may pop round.